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Fall Rowing KINDERSCULLS Club: September 1st-October 31st 

Open to all 4th-7th graders

It's like little league--but for rowing! Specialized equipment means small bodies fit well and are able to navigate singles independently without fear of flipping or getting stuck. KINDERSCULLS is all about teaching kids confidence through the sport of rowing by allowing them to have fun in a unique environment and gain skills without the pressure of practices and competition. 

Max of 10 students, no experience required. Athletes will wear life jackets (parent-provided, specs will be sent out to registered participants!) so no swim test is required! *Our benchmark is that students who can do a proper jumping jack have the coordination to do KINDERSCULLS. Students younger than 4th grade can set up a zoom check-in with Head Coach Hopkins to test coordination prior to registering for the program, 4th and up are all clear to register without prior approval!  $200, Tuesday and Thursday 1-3pm

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